The FAQ is updated over time, check back for more info.

I've inscribed 100, why are only 24 being inscribed? Where are the other inscriptions?

This is because Bitcoin nodes have a length limit for the Mempool transaction chain. If an order has a large number of inscriptions (more than 23), it will be submitted in batches. The first batch will submit 23, and the rest will start inscribing after the first batch of 23 are on-chain.

I've already paid, but the inscription hasn't been on-chain. Can I cancel the order?

Yes, you can cancel the order.

Enter the order ID (please do not disclose the order ID on public channel) in the search box on the page, go to the order details page, click the 'Cancel' button, and you can complete the operation yourself. Normally, a refund will be automatically issued after cancellation.

I've cancelled the order. Why hasn't it automatically refunded?

If you used a payment with 'Unconfirmed Transactions', you can cancel the order on the page, but it will not automatically refund. You need to open a ticket in DC, and the developers of satosea will manually refund it. In the future, we will support automatic refunds as soon as possible.

Again, to ensure the timeliness of inscribing, please do not use 'Unconfirmed Transactions'


The order status is 'Inscribing in progress', can I cancel and refund it?

This depends on the situation of your order, and falls into 3 scenarios.

  • a. If the inscription has been on-chain, NO refund is possible.
  • b. If the first 23 inscriptions are in the mempool, a partial refund is possible, and the miners will deduct some network fees.
  • c. If the first 23 inscriptions are on-chain, and the ones after 23 are not on-chain, NO refund is possible.

If there is a refund, is it returned the same way?

During the refund, a pop-up input box will appear. You can enter the refund address, and it will be returned to the address you entered.

Why is the refund fee so expensive? Is it because the rate is too high?

The network fees for commit tx and the inscriptions already hit into the mempool are non-refundable by miners. The high refund rate is due to the large amount of these non-refundable network fees by miners.

It's normal for the refund rate to be high.

How long does it take for the refund to arrive?

Self-service refunds on the page will be broadcasted to the mempool immediately, and the on-chain time depends on the block status.

I've paid, why hasn't it started yet?

a. Please check whether you made 'Unconfirmed Transactions' for payment. If you made payment with 'Unconfirmed Transactions', we will wait for the transaction to be confirmed before starting inscription.

b. Please do not use transactions containing inscriptions for payment. If the payment transaction contains inscriptions, we will NOT submit them.

c. For orders paid through the Lightning Network, please check whether the network fee rate is set reasonably.

Can I speed up the transaction?

We provide this feature. Because this feature is complex, it is only recommended for users with certain BTC knowledge and experience.

If the inscription has been inscribed, can I refund the Gas?


Is the progress of Mint accurate? Why is the progress displayed by other companies different from yours?

Different platforms have different Index methods, but they are generally consistent. Due to the limitations of the Index and technical implementation, the progress of Mint is for reference only.

Why is there a block delay?

Bitcoin operates on a P2P network. After an order is created, it requires user payment. Following payment, it takes some time to broadcast to our nodes.

Why is there no response to my ticket in Discord? What should I do if I encounter problems?

Tickets are generally processed within one business day, please be patient. Most issues can be resolved by self-service. Please refer to the documents in the #FAQ channel.